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Detail 2 of west side of Muiredach's High Cross, Monasterboice.

Description:   This panel depicting the Arrest of Christ consists of three figures. A central figure of Christ flanked on either side by two soldiers. The detail here is really very good. The figure on the right, a soldier, is depicted wearing a tight fitting, sleeveless upper garment. There is just enough detail to suggest the possibility of mail. Across his chest he would appear to be wearing a kite shaped brooch, perhaps as a fastening device. This particular garment extends below the waist and ends at mid thigh. This garment is secured tightly about the waist with a belt. Below this can be clearly seen a representation of short trousers. They are fairly close fitting and reach to just above the knee. There is just a hint of detail to suggest circular links arranged in rows. Each hemline is clearly defined. It is unclear whether the rest of the leg is bare or whether shoes are worn. The soldier is armed with a double edged sword and would seem to wear a moustache but no beard.
  His companion on the left of the panel is also armed with a sword. The body detail on this figure is not as clear but his costume would appear to be similar. The short trousers are clearly defined but other detail is lost. The left leg of the trousers would appear to show a vertical stripe. This figure also favours the moustache and no beard. The third central figure depicting Christ wears a highly decorated costume which seems to consist of; a) a mantle, with arm openings, secured on the right shoulder with a pennanular brooch. b) a long ankle length leine decorated with embroidery.
  The embroidery motifs seem to be circular s shapes. There is also a possible third garment reaching to the figures waist and represented by inverted v shaped double lines. This parallels some of the detail on the Christ figure on the West Cross where the embroidered motifs are more clearly visible as the mantle is raised by the outstretched arms.
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