<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> West High Cross

Head of west side of West High Cross, Monasterboice.

Description: Scenes of the Passion: This panel consists of two soldiers with a central Christ figure. Costume detail on the soldiers is not clear. However, the soldier on the right seems to have a conically shaped head suggestive of a helmet. On the left arm of the cross, the scene would appear to depict the Crowning with Thorns. The soldier on the left of the group is more clearly delimited. There is no evidence for a cloak or mantle on the upper body. His tunic is gathered at the waist by a belt, leaving his legs free. The soldier on the right would appear to be wearing a close fitting jacket and trousers. Both figures are wearing helmets. On the right arm of the cross the scene appears the portray Judas kissing Christ. There are three figures in this panel. The figure on the right is depicted wearing a cloak over a tunic which seems to be gathered at the waist. There is no clear detail on the central figure. The figure to the left of the group is depicted carrying a round shield and sword. On the bottom panel below the central boss there are two further soldier figures. Both would appear to be wearing helmets, close fitting jackets and short trousers gathered at the knee. Any fine detail has weathered away. The detail is quite good on the central panel figure of Christ. He is depicted wearing a highly ornate, close fitting costume consisting of a short waist length mantle with openings for the arms. Beneath this, a tight fitting garment reaches to the ankles with decoration at the hem.
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