Time to reflect upon the analysts. . . .

Kristine Calderone is from Philadelphia and enjoys long walks on the beach, she is a Leo.  Not only does she excel in Professor Conner's 105 English Class, she intends to major in business.  Watch out boys, she is a killer!

Kelly Magill is from Houston and is a thespian (with a solo in fact!) who will be performing in this fall's production of Godspell.  Along with her love for singing, she too enjoys long walks on the beach and is a Sagittarius.

Mike Fisher is from Baltimore and when he isn't asking girls to Christmas weekend, he can be found pondering over what to eat in the d-hall.  His hobbies include playing tennis, running track, collecting bugs, and simply taking nature walks.  This bachelor is one of a kind, no doubt!

Meredith Bailey is from Atlanta and is by far the coolest girl at W&L. (or at least she pays people to believe that!)



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