Third Day-Trip:  North Cork

This was one of our longest single-day trips, beginning near 8 a.m. and continuing until nearly 9 p.m.  On this trip the students miraculously survived without food for 47 hours--or at least, so went their complaints.  They did, to their credit, hold out until nearly 3 o'clock before lunch.  But then Professor Conner sprung for candy bars all around, and good will was restored.

Our itinerary for this trip was enormously ambitious, consisting of seven major sites, ranging from wedge tombs from the Bronze Age (circa 2000 B.C.) to Elizabethan castles (early 1600's).  The geography consisted of the range of countryside in north County Cork, the county that borders Kerry in the southwest of Ireland.

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Tullylease Church:  12th-century medieval church
Liscarroll Castle:  13th-century medieval castle
Kilcoman Castle:  16th-century castle
Labbacallee Tomb:  bronze-age wedge tomb
 Glanworth Castle:  13th-century medieval castle
Bridgetown Priory:  13th-century medieval priory

Kanturk Castle:  17th-century Elizabethan castle